How to Extend the Life of your Bundles and Wigs

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One of the main problems women have that buy extensions and wigs is the frustration of keeping them looking as good as when they were first purchased. In this blog I will explain how to get the most out of the hair used for your protective style to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Things to take note of is that the care for extensions for a sew-in is slightly different than care for a wig. These tips are for extensions and wigs that use 100% human hair not synthetic or blended hair.


If you purchase extensions for a sew-in Please do the following:


  • Upon receipt shampoo the bundles using a sulfate free shampoo and warm water
  • Condition the bundles for at least five minutes using a conditioner of your choice. (I like to leave the bundles in a bowl with the conditioner and warm water). Rinse after at least five minutes.
  • Place a light moisturizer or heat protectant while bundles are still wet and detangle gently using a comb or paddle brush.
  • Let air dry overnight 
  • When getting the bundles installed, please ensure your stylist knows you plan on reusing the bundles so they will not cut the tracks. (Make sure your stylist knows how to install bundles without cutting the tracks.)
  • Prior to styling or blow drying ensure that heat protectant is used.
  • When bundles are not in use ensure they are stored in a dry cool place. *****Shameless Plug***** Bundles and wigs purchased from MagniChic comes with a Free Magnibag and hanger that can hang in your closet!


If you purchase a Custom or Pre-made wig


  • Usually wigs that are custom or pre-made are shampoo’d, conditioned and styled prior to being shipped.
  • Ensure your wig is detangled daily (especially important for curly hair).
  • Shampoo, detangle and condition wigs at least monthly if not more and allow to air dry overnight.
  • When styling with heat, make sure a heat protectant is used.
  • Use moisturizers and hair lotions at least every week to nourish the hair (especially important for wigs that are worn daily) but be care not to put in too much product that will weigh down the hair.
  • Ensure wigs are stored properly when not in use using a hair net and either your MagniBag, a mannequin head stand or a styrofoam head.  


Remember that when you purchase human hair you have to treat it like you would your own hair which requires maintenance as would any investment. Human hair will not tangle and matte with proper care. Curly hair requires more maintenance, it has to be detangled every 1-3 days or you will experience knots and tangles that can potentially ruin your protective style. Wavy and straight hair bundles usually requires less maintenance but maintenance is still required.


One last tip ALWAYS remember to care for your hair underneath your protective style! Hair extensions and wigs should be used to assist in the health and growth of your hair not a hinderance due to lack of proper care. Your extensions/wigs should come second to your natural hair.


Now we would love to hear from you Queens! 


How do you take care of your bundles after a sew-in or wigs? 


Any products you prefer over others? 


What’s the longest your bundles/wigs lasted? 


Any other advice I left off? 


Please share! We love feedback from our MagniQueens and MagniKings!



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